What is cansat?


Cansat is a competition held by the ESA (European Space agency) that promotes Space, Engineering,Technology and Programming. It gives them a practical opportunity to experiment with a mini satellite.

Our mission is to fill a 330ml drink can with electronics such as pressure sensors and thermistors combined with a micro-controller .Then a radio transmitter sends information recorded by the electronics in the 330ml can to a computer on the ground while the can descends from 500m in the air.

Secondary mission

For the secondary mission we can choose to add a secondary function to the Arduino such as

  • Advanced telemetry for example an accelerometer to measure the acceleration of the can.
  • Targeted landing systems. (parafoil)
  • Landing systems. (parachutes and airbags)
  • Or Planetary probe that takes measurements after landing such as samples of the terrain, humidity etc.
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